Give the gift of gauze this Mother's Day

Give the gift of gauze this Mother's Day


Mothers are real-life Super Heroes.


When they're not raising children at home or out working to change the world, mothers can be found sharing their time, talents, energy and insight with other people, causes and organizations.


This unending drive, inspiring selflessness and deep dedication are all part of why we honor women all across America as part of Mother's Day each and every year.


But just as Father's Day has its trite, tired gifts (hello again, ties and socks), Mother's Day can all too often be defined by brunches. Flowers. Spa days. Gift cards. 


Don't get us wrong, now. We aren't saying there's anything wrong with these gifts. Not at all.


What we are saying is this:


This Mother's Day, why not give the women who sacrifice and matter most in your life something different? Something truly indulgent. Something every bit as unique as they are.


Why not give them the gift of cotton gauze clothing from Oh My Gauze!®?


Oh. My. GAUZE!


“What is Oh My Gauze!® cotton clothing?” you ask? Well, allow us to answer that question.


For more than 30 years now, Oh My Gauze!® has enjoyed designing and selling “lagenlook” or “layered” clothing that is made of 100-percent comfortable cotton gauze.


All our clothing is completely washable, will never shrink when washed, and never needs to be ironed. And this comfortable clothing is as versatile as it is durable – no matter how or where you decide to wear it, it’s entirely breathable and maintenance-free.


Mother of All Gauze Clothing.


The history of Oh My Gauze!® began when our owner and founder, Joy, visited Mexico. The warmth, vibrancy, versatility and breathability of the cotton gauze fabric clothing she found there inspired her to start something similar back in the United States.


Envisioning a market for cotton gauze clothing back home, Joy opened her first store in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, calling it “Down to Earth” – taking inspiration from the ultimate Mother, Mother Earth. As her business grew and expanded, Joy changed the name to Oh My Gauze!® – and opened additional stores in Florida, in the cities of Sarasota and Naples. As demand grew even more, Joy opened the online home of Oh My Gauze!® – and began selling wholesale to hundreds of stores, all across North America.


Mother of All Online Stores.


Online is where Oh My Gauze!® now lives and breathes most freely. The official online home and store offers women of all sizes, shapes and ages a large variety of styles and colors of cotton gauze clothing to choose from. From blouses and skirts to pants and dresses to vestsjackets and even accessories – Oh My Gauze!® offers something for every woman. Talk about an exciting and unique Mother’s Day gift!


We even offer one-of-a-kind hand-painted and sewn artisan pieces and unique handmade jewelry. Oh, and gift cards. If you insist on going that route again this Mother’s Day.


It’s also fast, easy and secure to order cotton gauze clothing with us online. If your online order exceeds $60, we’ll even waive shipping fees to anywhere in the United States. Should you find anything amiss with your order (and we’re confident you will not) we also offer a friendly and fair return policy on all orders.


Unique. Just Like Her.


All mothers are wonderful. But each and every woman is unique. All Oh My Gauze!® layered cotton clothing naturally, easily and beautifully conforms to the individual contours and curves of its wearer.


No matter what the mother in your life looks like, or how she’s shaped and built, Oh My Gauze!® cotton clothing will look and feel great on her. And with so many styles, colors, and pieces to choose from, she can easily create and cultivate her very own unique look in this clothing.


Don’t wait any longer to get that special mother in your life a special gift for Mother’s Day. Visit Oh My Gauze!® online today and put together the perfect package for the perfect woman.