Embrace Summer Styles With Our Cool Cotton Clothing

Embrace Summer Styles With Our Cool Cotton Clothing


Summertime is officially here!


 That means shorter days at work and longer nights at play. Less stress and more adventures. Beaches and barbeques. Pools and pool halls. And a colorful closet bursting with vibrant, easy, breezy outfits.


 To kick off the summer in style, here’s a look at some of the top fashion trends for the season this year – and how you can stay connected and cool via Oh My Gauze!® cotton clothing.


 Especially with our 2019 Spring/Summer Collection!


California Cool


In many parts of California, it’s some degree of summer all year long. This summer, no matter where you live, a breezy trend known as “California Cool” is sweeping the nation. What does it involve, you ask? Upbeat and causal vibes. Bright, light colors. Tye-dye and Hawaiian shirts. Even fun, cute, old-school sneakers to complete the look and feel of laid-back cool.


 At Oh My Gauze!®, we offer an array of colorful, vibrant clothing – with a wide variety of new colors for 2019! And when it comes to the ideal fabric for chilling out and keeping cool all summer long, 100-percent cotton has to be at or near the very top of the list. All Oh My Gauze!® clothing is designed and manufactured with only 100-percent cotton gauze.


The Soft Touch


Another popular style trend for this summer involves wearing easy, breezy clothes that allow for a layer of air next to your skin. One style maven has dubbed it “the soft suit.” All Oh My Gauze!® cotton clothing is soft, smooth, easy and breezy – and nearly perfectly breathable! And no matter what outfit you choose, you’ll enjoy attire that is entirely and easily washable, never requires ironing and will never shrink when washed.


All Right in All White


Of course, wearing white from head to toe is a seemingly timeless American summer tradition – one we’ve blogged about here before, in fact. That’s no different this summer, with white being more than all right to wrap yourself up in until fall chill sets in. Part of this trend this summer also includes using white as the perfect canvas to splash unexpected pops of colorful outerwear and accessories on.


Color Carnival


About that color rush…in what’s being called a “color carnival” look by some fashion mavens, sporting bright, bouncy, vibrant colors is being heralded as a must-wear look this summer. Even more dramatic? Accenting and accentuating it with bold, colorful shoes, sandals and heels.


Cotton = Cooler


 From color…to cooler. Again, remember that there’s really no better fabric for staying cool all summer long than 100-percent cotton. Whether you find yourself outdoors in super-sticky humidity down south or the supposedly more manageable “dry heat” out west this summer, all our cotton fiber clothing naturally enables air to move and circulate freely through it.


Cool Online Ordering


How’s this for cool? Right now, it’s easier (not to mention safer) than ever before to order your favorite 100-percent cotton gauze outfits online.

 Our exclusive online shop offers women of all ages, shapes and sizes casual, comfortable cotton gauze clothing – in both eye-popping bright colors and soothing, smooth classic white.

 You can also find cotton accessories, hand-sewn and hand-painted artisan pieces, original handmade jewelry and fun gift cards for purchase. Whatever you order online, your pieces will be delivered to you in a fast, easy and entirely secure fashion.

 If you order more than $50 in cotton clothing, we’ll include free shipping by FedEx SmartPost to anywhere within the United States. And if any of your items don’t meet your expectations, we also offer a fair and friendly return policy.


Enjoy your summer!