White Party All Summer Long with Oh My Gauze!® Cotton Clothing

White Party All Summer Long with Oh My Gauze!® Cotton Clothing


Summertime. And the living’s easy. Unless, of course, you’re caught outside in triple-digit (or close to it) summer heat.


But when you step outside this summer, you can have no fear. Because Oh My Gauze!® lagenlook cotton clothing is here.


If you’re looking for a perfect fabric to chill out in this summer, it’s hard to beat 100-percent cotton. All Oh My Gauze!® clothing is designed and manufactured with 100-percent cotton gauze. All our clothing is completely washable, requires no ironing and will not shrink when washed. In addition to being almost completely maintenance-free, it’s also entirely breathable.


Cotton has long been widely worn all around the globe – largely because it’s the ideal fabric for not just summertime heat, but a wide range of diverse climates. Whether you’re caught outside in suffocating, sticky humidity or that (allegedly) more favorable “dry heat” this summer, all our cotton fiber clothing naturally enables air to move and circulate freely through it.


Summer White Out


When it comes to fashion and style in the summer of 2018, the old tried-and-true standby of white seems to be as in as it’s ever been. While the “long white dress” (or LWD) in particular has received much publicity and play, all kinds of white outfits are in all kinds of style this summer.


Once again, Oh My Gauze!® clothing is ideal in this regard. We offer a wide variety of white attire, outfits and options to choose from.


Our “Sylvia Dress” is a simple and modern cotton gauze tank dress with side-slit detail that’s also ideal for layering, like much of our our “lagenlook” (German for “layered look”) clothing. This lovely dress is available in our “Bone” white, and it’s also available for just a “shade” over $60 at our official online shop.


We also offer “Savannah Pants” for right around the same price point. These loose-legged cotton gauze pants feature a tucked hemline and harem appearance. The Savannah Pants pair well with our petite length, V-neck “Mike Blouse,” which is also available in “Snow” white online for a bit over $40 right now.


Then there’s our lovely, fun and flirty “Shore Blouse,” an off-the-shoulder cotton gauze ruffle top that pairs well with our “Snow” white “Dolphin Pant.” Both items are also available for under $60 online now.


No matter what white attire you decide to dress in, you’ll find a comfortable, breezy, cool and form-fitting outfit that you can easily feel yourself in at all times.


Cool Online Ordering


Perhaps best of all it’s now easier (and safer) than ever to order your favorite 100-percent cotton gauze outfits online


Our online shop offers women of all ages, shapes and sizes casual, comfortable cotton gauze clothing – in white as well as many other captivating and charming colors.


You can even find cotton accessories, hand-sewn and hand-painted artisan pieces, original handmade jewelry and gift cards for purchase. Whatever you order online, your pieces will be delivered to you in a fast, easy and entirely secure manner. If you order more than $60 in cotton clothing, we’ll even waive shipping fees to anywhere within the U.S.


If any of your items don’t meet your liking, we also offer a fair and friendly return policy!