Awesome Customer Reviews

DEAR Oh My Gauze Management, Designers, and Associates,
Thank YOU for your promptness, as always.  I received my "treasure package" today! The CRYSTAL PANTS in GRAPHITE and the DHABI BLOUSE in FIG are perfect in every way! I also love the color and style of the CINDY BLOUSE in CREAMSICLE.
You could have no idea how much I Love OH MY GAUZE Clothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought my first piece, a black flyaway jacket, around 10 years ago at a store here in Michigan! It was, is, and always will be, a "go to" favorite for me.  Five years ago, our son and his family moved to Florida, so needless to say, we visit Florida as often as possible.  Imagine my astounded surprise when I found AN ENTIRE OH MY GAUZE STORE in SARASOTA, which is also (I didn't previously know) your  "corporate birth place"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOW & YEE HA!!!  Every time we are down there I find more "have to have" pieces!  My addiction for your clothing is fed on-line when we are home in Michigan! I have always been heat intolerant, to say the least.  When I was little, my mom made me put on a sweater every time she was cold.  I was miserable in the summer!!  As an adult, I have always shopped for clothes that are comfortable, are of good & original design, and most important, allow GREAT AIR FLOW!!!  You give it ALL to me!!!  Your designs are timeless as well!!  All in all, your clothes are the stuff my dreams have been made of and now those dreams have come true!!!  My wardrobe has become almost completely Oh My Gauze. Your prices are reasonable! Taking care of your clothing is ridiculously simple; I put a little Dawn dish liquid on any spots and rub the fabric against itself.  I throw it in the washer on cold/warm, and wash with Arm & Hammer clothes detergent.  From the washer I shake it out and hang it on a "thin, flocked" hanger, lining up the shoulder seams with the edge of the hanger.  Smooth out the hung, damp piece of clothing with your fingers and hands, air-dry over night.  The next morning it is like new, dry, and ready to wear again!  Another equally nifty part about Oh My Gauze clothing is that with a change of jewelry, a scarf, a shawl, your shoes, or a monkey on your shoulder; everything functions for work, church, casual fun with pals & family, Tai Chi, playing with kids, volunteering, creating, elegant events, you name it!!  In the summer in Michigan and in Florida in the winter, I can actually breathe now! Through the rest of the year I layer your pieces, inventing interesting shape and color combos!  Wherever I go, women stop me to find out where I get my clothes!  My friends love the things I wear and many are now also your happy customers!  I guess you could almost call me an Oh My Gauze evangelist?!!  Bottom line, THANK YOU for making me COMFORTABLE, HAPPY and READY for whatever the day and the evening brings!  I am liberated to just get dressed in the morning with nothing feeling heavy, pulling at me, or squishing the air out of me!  I forget about if I am, OR, what I am wearing until someone says something nice... All this, at a fair price! That is personal freedom for me so that I can get on with the important things called LIFE!  It is all joyful!  Thank you again and again! Can't wait to get the exchanged size for my Cindy Blouse in CREAMSICLE!  It will look great with lots of my other Oh My Gauze "parts"!
Sincerely and actually with Love"

"Didn't know who to contact so I tried this site. I just wanted to let Customer Service to know of my experience with the OMG clothing line. I can't say enough good things about this product!!  I'm a recovering cancer patient and OMG, quite frankly, has been a Godsend!!  Radiation takes a toll on the body BUT OMG stepped up to the plate for me. Seriously I don't know how you would market your product to cancer patients but you should. The clothing was a HUGE help to me!!  As you know it's breathable, easy to care for, non binding - can't emphasize enough how important that is when you are dealing with radiation burn!!  Just thanking you for your product and wow, one still can look great while in recovery!!  Thank you again!"

"I was delighted to receive your catalogue in the mail today! Since placing my first online order with you a few months ago, I have been meaning to write to tell you how much I love and appreciate your clothing line. I'm a 55 year old woman who loves fashion that is stylish, unique and affordable. I cannot wear styles that I enjoyed 20 years ago, but that shouldn't mean that I cannot still love my clothes, right...? Your dresses, pants, capris and tops are ALL soooo very comfortable, while still being cool looking! And speaking of "cool"...during the extremely muggy, humid and nasty weather we have had in Chicagoland this year, I was always super comfortable when I wore your gauze pieces of art!!! AND received compliments on my attire. Another great aspect is that while the clothes are loose fitting, they don't make you look like you are wearing a potato sack! And my weight can fluctuate without having to buy clothes in 3 different sizes. Yours fit no matter how I'm feeling that day. So thank you again, and I am getting ready to place another big order to try out different styles and colors. FIVE STARS out of 5 to you guys!! PS-almost forgot! When I placed my original order and an item wasn't available, I received a personal phone call from a very polite man who explained the situation and gave me several other choices. As someone who shops almost exclusively online for clothes, I can tell you that this high level of customer service is quite rare! And a breathe of fresh air in a world that is often times lacking manners, quality and customer care. Bravo to your company for being special!!!"

"Shopped at this store today for first time and had a fantastic experience! Had to write about it!
Salesperson Erin was a doll! I had such personalized attention I felt like a teen in a candy store! Erin brought me some really cute outfits to try on and made some great suggestions! It was great fun! I can wait to come back with some more $$ to spend on her suggestions! She had such enthusiasm and was a refreshing start to my day! Also enjoyed the yummy mints! Thanks Oh My Gauze!"