Fall into the Fashions of our Favorite Season

Changing leaves. Crisp evenings. Pumpkin spice everything. Seasonal styles. Fall is here. And the excitement is in the air – and sparkling in the styles. Ultimately, fall is all about invigorating colorful change. We all enjoy a vibrant refresh to our wardrobe, too. So why not embrace this change – from top to bottom? Modern one-pieces are emerging for just about every occasion this fall. Tops and bottoms alike are popping up – and off – in a wide range of crisp color, including contrasting prints. So why not embrace the spirit of fall? And create fun, fashionable fall ensembles and lovely, lively, LOUD looks that capture the imagination of everyone in your orbit.


The “retro” approach continues to captivate all around America. But the 1970s are so several decades ago now. It’s the 1980s that are now being celebrated – and colorfully reimagined with a whole new 2016 twist. Bright turtlenecks. Animal tones like leopard prints and tiger stripes. “Graffiti” style miniskirts. Fishnet stockings. Skirts with zippers. Leather skirts. See-through tank tops. Everywhere you look today, it’s the 1980s all over again – as fall of 2016 is really ready to ROCK HARD.

Layer Me This…

Since so many people want to ROCK a see-through look lately, it only makes sense to also wear something else underneath. In other words, it’s never been a better time to go all-in on a layered look – or “lagenlook” as it’s known in German (and all across modern-day Europe). It’s never been a better time to discover Oh My Gauze! cotton gauze clothing. In addition to being the original purveyor of cotton gauze clothing, Oh My Gauze! is the lagenlook/layered look leader.

In addition to being increasingly popular, sexy and stylish, lagenlook clothing is more and more common with fashion designers and trendsetters all across not just Europe, but the U.S. That’s even more true during this retro-active fall season. Lagenlook clothing can help any woman – of any age or any size – look and feel wonderful in clothing that captures and showcases the beauty and shape of her own unique body. No two women are exactly alike, and no two bodies are formed or shaped exactly the same way. So why not embrace and even accentuate your own individuality during this fun fall season?

Your Body. Your Style. 

Oh My Gauze! was created to empower women of all ages, shapes and sizes to discover, refine, and express a lagenlook style that is all her own. For more than 30 years, we’ve been manufacturing and selling gauze clothing that is 100-percent cotton – and 100-percent comfortable. Since our gauze clothing is so light and airy, you can layer different pieces without worrying about feeling too hot or “stuffy.” In addition to working perfectly to create unique, expressive, and fun lagenlook styles that look and feel great, all our cotton gauze clothing is virtually maintenance-free. Our clothing never wrinkles. And it never shrinks – no matter how many times you wash it.

Oh My Gauze! clothing is also available in a wide array of colors, styles, sizes, fashions, and looks. From skirts, pants, and leggings to blouses, jackets and dresses, Oh My Gauze! offers something for every inch of every body. We even sell a unique and colorful collection of gauze accessories, including belts, scarfs, and shawls. Visit the exclusive online home of Oh My Gauze! today to get a better look and feel for all the beauty, versatility, sensuality, and comfort of cotton gauze clothing during this festive fall season.

You can even consult one of our gauze clothing specialists for help with your order, just by calling 1-888-694-2893. Discover Oh My Gauze! today. And discover a comfortable, cool, colorful lagenlook style of dress that’s as unique and beautiful as you. You just might fall in love with this look during this fall season.